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The folks at DDFG founded Dirty Dog™ with the intention of redefining denim, fit and a few other esoteric reasons that would be better discussed over a latte. Ultimately, the vision was to make quality, American-made, great fitting European and American blend inspired jeans wear, with a trendsetting appeal for the twenty and thirty something consumer. And with their love for dogs, the obvious name Dirty Dog™ was born! All you dog lovers out there will understand the euphemism about the brand…get dirty like a dog and have fun!

Dirty Dog™ is headquartered in Bellevue, WA. This new brand of stylishly fitting denim and apparel will launch in the US in July 2009. It has already emerged as a line for men and women who have discerning taste, global views, and generally have an edge to them! Ultimately expect Dirty Dog™ to launch more items that will include a full range of tees, shirts, and accessories with an eye to conservation, recycling, and green appeal.

Building a brand with a sense of social responsibility, with honesty and passion.

Our customers are aware and understand that the world is a small place where all actions and reactions affect all of us. A percentage of sales will be contributed to agencies and communities that work and fight on behalf of these issues and causes.

Dirty Dog™ has selected three important causes to support:

* Prevention of trading and killing of exotic and other animals to be used as pets, aphrodisiacs, and for other consumption.

* Global sustainability of water

* Children infected with HIV/AIDS virus through sexual misconduct.

Social Responsibility
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Dirty Dog™ will be sold through select department and specialty stores. Please send us an email for a store location near you or email your order request and inquiries directly to sales@dirtydogjeans.com

Order your copy of our first CD, titled Global Fuse, a great compilation of 11 original easy listening club sounds with incredible vocals from singers in the US and UK, send us an email to order at sales@dirtydogjeans.com.

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